Open learning vs asynchronous e-learning

The started an interesting discussion concerning e-learning (as asynchronous learning method) vs blended learning effectiveness.

Below is my opinion based on my experience in launching and providing the Öpen learning»training format at the Specialist training center.

Blended learning is more effective if compare to asynchronous e-learning only. 2 years ago we launched so-called «open learning» education model (you may see brief about it in my publications). The open learning model consists of the following components:

1. Live video («live» means, that recording is made during regular classes combined with webinar). Students access these video recordings asynchronously.

2. Labs with rdp or cloud-based access

3. Individual consulting sessions (in class or by webinar) with the instructor.

Main benefits for students:

— individual study tempo;

— a student may choose only those themes that are relevant to his practice;

— individual consulting sessions with an instrutor.

Also it’s great for some technical people, who sometimes have some issues with personal communications. For example, they may communicate better with a software program or server, rather than to other people.

Main benefits for a training organization:

— effectiveness and efficiency;

— individual work with clients

— loyalty growth.


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