IT infrastructure in clouds for business

Cloud computing becomes popular more and more. Imagine: a company gets IT service cheaper and with higher quality simultaneously. Is it real? Yes! In clouds.

That’s the reason many companies are ready to investigate it and make investments in migrating their IT services into clouds.

What does this term «clouds» mean»? What types of clouds do exist? How can a manager recognize compamy’s benefits and limitations?

At the «Specialist» computer training center i offer a brief free seminar ( and later a 2-day training based on European Cloud Computing Foundation Body of Knowledge.

Course goals for students:

— Discover business opportunities in “clouds”

-detect benefits for your company

-make choice of cloud type:private,public,hybridbasedoncompanybusinessanalysis

— provide financial and risk analysis for cloud migration.

We use specific materials of Russian chapter of International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) at our training.

Course audience: Shareholders,top-andmiddlebusinessmanagement,CIOs

The brief training program:

Module 1. The Cloud computing business concept.

— Who owns? Stakeholders. Benefits and limitations.

Module 2. Clouds foundation

— Brief technical overview: using browsers, mobile devices: PDAs, smartphones, *Pads.

— BYOD (Bring Your Own Device approach).

— Employees’ collaboration via clouds.

Module 3.Security when using clouds.

— Maincheckpoints.

— Standards and regulations.

Module 4.Implementing and managing cloud based IT infrastructure.

— Business cases for private/public/hybrid clouds

— IT standards and best practices.

— Algorithm to choose the right type of cloud for your business

Module 5.Evaluating cloud solutions.

— Business results and KPis.

— Recommended check-list

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